What is sustainability?

“A lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s use of the Earth’s natural resources and living without compromising our future generation’s resource.  Practitioners of sustainable living reduce their carbon footprint by altering methods of transportation, energy consumption and diet! It is not up to our corporate world to have a sustainable plan, we ALL need one!”

Definition Reference: Living Green Pages

Michelle Witherby {The Organic Contessa}. Here is where I blog about personal interests relating to “all things sustainable” in eco-beauty, travel, health/wellness, food, lifestyle,  & art/design.

I am the CEO & Founder of O&N Collective ; an online apothecary specializing in certified organic & natural skin and personal care products. My passion is for advocating safe & effective skin care as well as encouraging a way of life that promotes overall health & wellness. A lifestyle that’s not only better for our bodies but also for the environment as well. With proper resources and knowledge we all can make changes to reduce our exposure to toxins and better yet, reduce our body burden. “Green” living at its best!

In my explorations to find healthier alternatives to every day life choices, I have been fortunate in working with Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Environmentalists, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Yogis, Meditation Teachers, and Mentors to better understand the body, its’ functioning properties, and defenses. This has also brought about a deeper personal understanding in how my descions are connected to the world around me. Thanks to my amazing teachers I live more consciously, not always in perfect harmony, but conscious nonetheless. Living sustainably and “organically” for me not only encompasses the food I eat but more specifically the products I use on my body and throughout my home, the support and dedication to local businesses, and understanding how our actions affect others and our Planet. “Mindfulness” is a term I feel describes this best.

Be well, be green & be gorgeous,

Organic Contessa                                                                                    

Organic Contessa



The lotus flower carries special meaning to many cultures around the world.  This influential flower has sustained powerful symbolism from ancient Egypt and India to all across Asia and the Globe. The meaning of the Lotus Flower ranges from divine purity, enlightenment, wealth, and rebirth. Many historical meanings are still in use today!

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Green Team; Photographer: Elina Simonen | Makeup Artist: Rebecca Casciano  | Clothes: LAVUK