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  Michelle Witherby

Michelle Witherby, aka Organic Contessa, blogs about personal interests relating to green living and      sustainability. CEO & Founder of O&N Collective; an online beauty & wellness apothecary specializing in world  class, non-toxic skin and personal care products, Michelle’s passion is for advocating safe & effective skin care as  well as encouraging a way of life that promotes overall life balance. Organic Contessa  & the ladies of Liv Well are a team of experts in their fields of yoga, green-living, eco-beauty, wellness, nutrition,  life coaching and spiritual wealth – with a collective mission to encourage a lifestyle that’s not only better for our  bodies but also for the soul, mankind and planet as well.

Beauty & wellness begins from within” ~ Organic Contessa

It’s an honour to introduce the Liv Well Team

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  Michelle Barge

RYT — Yoga and Wellness

Michelle has been practicing yoga since 1996 following a life dedicated to classical ballet.  She teaches an integrated Vinyasa practice focused on proper alignment and building core strength. Her style fuses her training in traditional Hatha yoga schools – Iyengar and Ashtanga – with her studies in dance and Pilates, combined with a deep knowledge of eastern philosophy, Ayurveda and meditation.

Michelle has trained in some of the top yoga studios in New York City and continues to train under some of the leaders in the field:  Dharma Mittra, Paula Tursi, Schuyler Grant of Kula Yoga Project, Sadie Nardini, Alison West and Tao Porchon-Lynch.  Michelle is also certified to teach yoga in a corporate environment through Balance Integration and does so in some of the top companies in the country; including AOL/Time Warner and Huffington Post.  She also teaches yoga in the New York City Public School System through Bent on Learning, which brings the joy and discipline of yoga to low-to-moderate income students and those without access to physical education.

To offer her clientele unique yoga offerings; Michelle leads yoga retreats in eco-friendly resorts in the Caribbean, Europe and South America.  Michelle’s retreats are a unique mixture of yoga, environmentally conscious dining and living, while giving back to the communities where the retreats are held. Michelle has taught in some of the top studios in New York and Los Angeles including Exhale, and currently teaches at Golden Bridge and Paula Tursi’s studio “Reflections for Conscious Living” in the heart of Times Square.

Michelle’s commitment to wellness also extends off the mat to her charity work as well. She has served as a founding member and Board President of Concrete Safari – a Harlem-based, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the joy of fitness and healthy eating habits to inner city youths through personal training, nutritional counseling, and outdoor adventures.  Michelle is on the Advisory Board of the Ananda Ashram and has served on the Board of Directors’ Advisory Committee for the Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York.  She writes regularly on topics related to green, sustainable and organic living. She also is a contributing writer to the United Nations’ BluMail Project, which address issues relating to the “digital divide” and lack of Internet access in developing countries. She covers issues for BluMail on health, wellness and micro-financing in the third world.


Kirsty Greenshields

Kirsty is the author of Women Money and IntimacyHow To Create Real Wealth In Your Life.

One woman’s story becomes every woman’s search for fairytale love and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Women Money and Intimacy is a first-hand account of one woman’s experience of the consequences of her decisions, around love and money. It is a book about self worth, personal power, and expression. It will help you …

– Discover your negative beliefs about money and intimacy, and how to change them

– Learn to consistently ask two questions, which help you create true wealth for you, in every moment

– Learn the steps you need to take, so you can allow yourself to be more vulnerable, when it comes to money and intimacy

– How to get clear about what you really want, so you can increase the flow of abundance in your life

– Understand the ONE thing you must cultivate in yourself, so you can increase your flow of abundance

– How to integrate the changes you need to make to allow greater abundance, so you can create a new power base for yourself

In her practice, Kirsty works with people who feel like they are not living to their full potential. Some of her expertise with clients lies in overcoming depression & chronic anxiety, kicking unhealthy habits & helping clients exponentially improve energy levels.

Life is about change-we have a choice to feel overwhelmed by the pace of that change, or find a way to strengthen our bodies so they can not only cope with the change, but grow & thrive. That is living the life we deserve to live. That is Creating Perfect Health. “ ~ Kirsty Greenshields

Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy | Reiki & Energy Alignment Practitioner | Diploma in Herbal Medicine & Nutrition | Qualified Success Coach | Agent of Conscious Evolution 

website: Women, Money & Intimacy

Twitter: YouHealthWealth

Debby Stone

Debby Stone wears many hats.  She is an executive coach, a former practicing attorney, a keynote speaker, an entrepreneur, Duke alumni, mother, volunteer and a business leader. Debby is an advocate for wellness, focusing her professional energy on helping people determine their core values and how to live in alignment with them. She works with her clients to develop and implement practical strategies for living lives in which they can find sustainability, fulfillment and balance.

In her spare time, Debby is an avid runner and participates in races throughout the country each year.  She also enjoys a good book, baking and traveling as well as relaxing at home with her two cats.  In addition, she is always hunting for the country’s best veggie burger.

Being a long-time vegetarian and animal lover, I believe that we can all contribute to a healthier planet by eating smarter, recycling and doing business with green organizations” ~ Debby Stone

website: Novateur Partners 

Twitter: NovateurCoach


Rachael Richardson

Born in Miami, Rachael Richardson has been a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist since 2002.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of North Florida and certification in Adult Weight Management through the American Dietetic Association.

In 2007, Rachael founded Nutrolution, Inc, an education-based, nutrition solutions company in order to work on a broader and more preventative level in empowering people to become healthier. As well, Rachael is the founder of Nutrolution Restaurants; a program intended to raise the nutritional and environmental practices of restaurants so that people in all cities will know where to go to eat to sustain a healthy life and planet.

Throughout her career, Rachael has enjoyed helping people safely use nutrition- food and nutritional supplements- to reverse complex health problems such as weight issues, blood sugar imbalances, digestive problems like food allergies, chronic constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, skin disorders like eczema; adrenal depletion, ADHD and spectrum disorders, eating disorders, immuno-nutrition, cholesterol, blood pressure, circulation and more. Rachael will be costarring in Absolute BeautyTM in 2013, teaching culinary nutrition on national television complimenting her repertoire of over 300 educational videos online hosted by websites such as and many others. Richardson has also written for numerous publications, and appeared on numerous television and radio shows including Good Morning America.

Squeezing in time for other passions like; soccer, beach volley ball and yoga – Rachael makes quality time with friends & family a top priority while pursuing other favorite creative outlets like cooking, music and intellectual conversation.

 website:  Nutrolution 


Twitter: @nutrolution

Mary Williams

Mary Williams is  Vice President of Investments at Raymond James and has been a dedicated financial advisor with RJ since 2003. She is a former programmer/analyst for Bell South and most importantly was a stay at home mom for many years.  Mary’s life took a new direction in 1999 when she divorced, went back and got her MBA and began her career as a financial advisor.  She received her CFP® designation earlier this year.

When she is not advising clients, Mary is spending time keeping up with her four adult children.  She also enjoys edible organic landscaping, yoga, and a good Harley ride.

We learn from the past, plan for the future and live today.  I try to help my clients find their happy middle place.  ….Of enjoying today.  I so enjoy empowering woman and families to understand the responsibility of choices, that they are capable of making them , and that independence is very gratifying.”  – Mary Williams

website: Williams Mary


Twitter: soon to be on the Twit-osphere

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