Inside The Life, and Makeup Bag, of Celebrity MUA Beverly Fink: by Organic Contessa



I had the privilege of meeting Beverly Fink through one of my dearest friends last year. We hit it off immediately with talks of beauty, Miami, and our love of eco-friendly makeup and skin care. The last time we were together we spent the afternoon going through her LookBook of past stellar projects, and with me basically being pampered as Beverly broke open her makeup case (I thought I heard angels sing when she opened it) and we began experimenting and indulging in all her amazing shades of shadows, primer, bronzers & lip colors – Beverly created a few different looks for me that day. It was like Christmas morning, I kid you not.

Beverly’s bundle of favorite lip brands and colors

Beverly is equally beautiful on the outside and she is on the inside. She has a heart of gold and a smile that can light up the room…she is one of those types of ladies that once you meet them you never forget. Beverly’s a Thoroughbred of the business, with amazing stories and experiences to share. When we talk I have flashbacks of sitting on the couch on Saturday mornings fawning over Style with Elsa Klensch as she took us in front and behind the runways with an up close and personal look at everything beauty & fashion. I like to imagine Beverly there during that nostalgic time in fashion, creating the looks & styles of the models. But then again it’s really not an imaginary thought, Beverly was a part of that world…she shares more with me now.

OC: Beverly, you have had a pretty epic career in beauty. From celebrity clients and high-profile weddings, to renowned editorials and working with famed photographers. Is it possible to narrow down and share with us your 5 most memorable career moments?


1 Helmut Newton shoot for Vanity Fair, ranks in the top for sure

2 First national cover of Seventeen Magazine with Krissy and Niki Taylor

3 Italian Bazaar cover, I helped create Niki Taylor as Sophia Loren

4 Working with Cindy Crawford House of Style for MTV

5 Bee Gee Video

Seventeen Magazine: Niki & Krissy Taylor  |  SHAPE Magazine: Daniela Peštová

Italian Bazaar: Niki Taylor

OC: What drew you originally to becoming a make-up artist?

BF: I flew to New York  on my first shoot for wigs at age 19, Fashion Tress Wigs; Lauren Hutton days. I watched a top model do her makeup, it looked more exciting than wigs. So I said “adios wigs”!

OC: I’m guessing you have traveled pretty extensively for work – what city do you adore most?

BF:  New York! Even though I still book a lot of “island” jobs, I’m not a Caribbean girl. 

OC: Who was one celebrity you worked with (model, actor or photographer) that you simply loved?

BF: Niki Taylor, met her at 13 for her second test shoot. Fell in love with Niki and her Mom and then Dad and sisters. She is so genuine and loving and kind to this day. She should have another cosmetic contract.

OC: You’ve had an evolution of sorts – from make-up artist, to being a brand ambassador for a top makeup brand, transitioning to a green beauty expert  & advocate, and now working as a consultant for terminally ill women. You seem to always be evolving in life and in your career. Can you tell us more about this new chapter you are embarking on?

BF: Helping women with breast cancer feel good about themselves and educating them on how not to expose their bodies and compromised immune systems to harmful ingredients found in conventional beauty products. It’s also about consulting these beautiful ladies as well. From sharing on safe brands I love, to helping them shop for makeup & skin care, to educating on how to apply makeup, to lending a helping hand on how to choose a wig and style it properly…I am pulling from my life experiences to help bring a sense of “beauty” back into their lives. 

OC: Why do you feel eco-beauty is important and why should women consider making the change?

BF: Over a year ago I was sick all the time and antibiotics did not fight the infection, after extensive blood work I found out that I had a very low or compromised  immune system. A friend asked “how did you get this condition” and I later realized that it was from exposure to chemicals;  hair, nails, and cosmetics. I have been doing all three since the age of sixteen, more years than I can say. I’m mostly nervous about lipsticks, lipgloss, mascara and nail polish. Sad to say I still go for many beauty treatments, however I wear a mask now when I go to get my hair and nails done. 

The chemicals and toxic ingredients in beauty products is a real issue, not a theory or scare tactic set in motion by groups or individuals. It’s a fact. Women are always going to want to look beautiful while fighting the signs of aging – it’s a part of who we are as beings – so not only have I made the switch on a personal level but I my goal is to help other women understand that for the sake of staying beautiful, we don’t need to sacrifice our health. There are many top quality, effective, and safe lines of makeup and skin care that can enhance your beauty and better yet, your life. 

OC: You are certainly an inspiration Beverly. So lastly, what are some eco-beauty products you don’t leave home without?

BF: Tata Harper Be True Lip Plumping Treatment, Tarte Lipsurgence, Tarte cheek stain in Tipsy, Mai Couture ; Manhattan Bronzer. I love a sun kissed look living in Miami & Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence. 

A peak inside Beverly’s purse


Favorite Purse; Vintage Gucci

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

Mai Couture Papier in Downtown Bronzer and Highlighter Papier’s

Tarte Lipsurgence in Joy

Henri Bendel Wallet

Tata Harper “Be True” Lip Plumping Treatment

Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy

Leopard iPone Case; J Crew

Josie Maran in Bare Naked Wipes

Business Card Case; MOMA

KIND Snack Bar

Bamboo Readers

Fresh Water to-go; Ka-Viti

Beverly’s makeup case, on a typical day!

Top Favorite Contents:

CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture & Restorative Skin Balm

Cover FX Eye Primer

RMS Living Luminizer

Lip Plumping Gloss: Vapour Beauty

Lipsticks: ilia Beauty

Eye Shadows: H.Wood Beauty, Jane Iredale , Tarte, Organic Pharmacy
Mineral Eye Shimmer

Tarte Brow Gel & Mascara

Primer: Tarte BB Tinted Treatment

Concealer: Tarte , RMS, Suki

Bronzer: Mai Couture, Jane Iredale, Josie Maran

Blush:  Tarte,  Jane Iredale,  Mai Couture

Liquid/Cream Liner: 100% Pure &  Tarte

Mascaras: 100% Pure, Korres, Tarte, Organic Pharmacy

Beauty Blender Sponge: Pure

Lip Conditioners : Tata Harper  Be True Lip Plumper, Josie Maran Lip Quench
H.wood. Beauty  Lip Tea Balm

 Wish we could name them all – but as you can see, Beverly has impeccable beauty taste! She’s made such an impact in the worlds of beauty & fashion already, yet her biggest mission has just begun. While she’s still commissioned for ultra-private, high-profile weddings in the Caribbean … Beverly’s main focus is now on educating and empowering women on safe products & living well. Now that’s truly beautiful and such an inspiration.

Live Beautiful ~ Organic Contessa


Photo Credits: Beverly Fink




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  1. Bonnie Suttin
    February 28, 2013 at 8:16 pm #

    I Knew you were the best makeup artist ever from when we were
    friends at age 14. Beautiful and True article !! xo Bonnie

  2. Barbara Taylor
    March 1, 2013 at 11:52 am #

    Beverly is the BEST, so sweet and kind, yet so knowledgeable and caring about you as an individual. You come away feeling beautiful and confident. She “colors you in”, brightens your spirit within. xox We share many great memories through my daughters careers.

  3. Roz Reich
    March 1, 2013 at 1:17 pm #

    Loved the article–Beverly is definitely beautiful inside and out–and her advice to the cancer patients is definitely her BEST SERVICE yet…

    Congratulations, Beverly, on your ability to do “interior decorating” on yourself and others.


    Roz Reich

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