Breast Health: Going Beyond October


by: Michelle Barge


Moving from a Month to Total Commitment to Prevention & Self Care

As October comes to a close and we enter November, and thankfully another month dedicated to greater awareness for another life threatening disease — prostate cancer —  I am struck how the first few weeks in October my inbox was flooded with breast cancer awareness and “pink” campaigns, then nothing. Now we are in November and I feel the same thing will occur. Of course all the outreach and awareness building is awesome … we at O&N Collective did it too. And we herald all that are trying to make a difference, peak awareness, and for keeping this important fight front and center in our minds. However by the second week in October, the emails started to die down.  It felt as if the push was first out of the gate to get your attention, then seemingly silence.  It got me thinking.  How do we go beyond October, or any given month dedicated to a life threatening illness, to total commitment and comprehension of how our lifestyle can affect our day to day health?

When O&N Collective collaborated with Breast Cancer Action and one of our top tier brands, CV Skinlabs,  it was because we understand the importance of products to help one sustain through treatment and recovery; safe personal care products that nurture/heal the body (and how unsafe products damage the body) – and also because our admiration for BCAction’s “Think Before You Pink” #TB4UP.  This toolkit is filled with important health promoting information; a call to action, something doable, that we can implement every day.  As a LivWell team member, keeping my chemical load and exposure to toxins at a minimal is a daily exercise of commitment, self care and acknowledgment. And hey, I live in New York City!  But let’s all think before you put that cream on your body, that polish on your nails, that deodorant under your arm, it’s your responsibility to your health to think about how the ingredients of these every day products effects your health.


O&N Collective is committed to selling only products that are non-toxic and safe and free of the chemicals and ingredients proven to be linked to cancer, hormone disruption, reproduction abnormalities or other health issues.  So let’s make a commitment as a community and create a 40 Day Challenge for ourselves to make a conscious decision about our grooming aids and the foods we eat and let’s take the awareness beyond a given month and into our daily lives. Equally, let’s keep the conversation of Breast Health flowing. When’s the last time you’ve had a breast exam?  For many of us, we may not even remember. But here’s a fun & loved filled way to learn how to preform your own self check by Kris Carr {cancer survivor and healthy living expert} Again, it’s about taking responsibility for our own health.

As a special promotion to our Organic Contessa/Liv Well Community:

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* What steps will you implement for the 40 Day Challenge 

* What breast health means to you

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Live Well, Live Beautiful,




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