‘Liver Cleansing Foods’ by Contributing Editor: Rachael Richardson



Your liver is your body’s work horse. It has been studied to handle more functions than any other organ in your body. The liver has 3 main jobs – breakdown, storage, and detox.

Breakdown: One of the primary jobs of the liver is to breakdown nutrients from the foods we eat & drink for our bodies to absorb

Storage: The liver, which makes protein & stores glucose, vitamin B12 and iron, helps get nutrients to your body by processing all foods—carbohydrates, protein and fat—into glucose that can be used throughout your body

Detox: An organ hard at work, it’s also the liver’s job to cope with toxic chemicals as they travel from the environment via food into your body

Therefore we must learn to looove our livers. You can love your liver through functional food, reduction of toxic load, and even touch.

A new week is upon us and what better way to jump start it but to try a Liver Cleanse?! It’s  one of the most important organs in your body, it is the Chief Regulator and needs to be to taken care of!

Some ways I love my liver are to drink a fresh greens, beet, cucumber, lemon, ginger, berry, mint juice on a regular basis. Sometimes I’ll add or omit a certain ingredient or two due to availability or because I feel compelled to or drawn away from a food, for any reason. Here’s a recipe for another of my favorite cleansing drinks:

Serves: 2

2 Large Grapefruits

4 Lemons

300ml distilled or filtered water

2 TBL Udos Choice oil or cold pressed flax oil

1 TBP acidophilus

1-2 cloves of fresh garlic

2 inches ginger root

Optional: dash of cayenne pepper


Directions: squeeze grapefruit and lemon into a blender, grate garlic and ginger and then using a garlic press squeeze it into the blender, Add water, Udos and acidophilus powder and blend!

Listening to your body and diversification are important factors to honor your body’s needs and aversions best.
Here is a chart of some specific liver protective foods. Remember to love your liver so that it will continue to love you, now & always.



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