Mother Knows Best: Honoring Earth Day 2015




Editor: Cassie Jones


When O&N Collective was awarded our Gold Green America certified business seal, it was a very proud day for us. To be recognized as a top tier sustainable business just reaffirmed that the practices we were putting into place and our mission of protecting the health of our customer alongside the health of our planet was to always be our first and foremost priority. This year we were invited to become members with This Good World – an online platform that brings companies and people together who are doing, well … good things in the world. Such an honour! Showing love to our planet and our community is an awareness that we strive to be conscious of every day, it’s a way in which we align with the natural rhythm of the planet … Earth Day every day!

But what does Earth Day mean to you?

So often, Earth Day is referenced in jest, without recognition of the powerful movement of the 1970s, which fueled the international community to begin monitoring our environment’s health.  Somehow, the unveiling of our planets degradation by the same individuals who made holding concerts and campouts in the desert cool continues to struggle with keeping the fire lit amongst preceding generations.

However, the resurgence of DIY, which has become trendy and profitable thanks to social media and e-commerce channels such as Pinterest and Etsy, offers glimmers of hope to the maintenance of our one and only Mother Earth.

The attention being paid to the food we eat, the household products we inhale and the cosmetics we absorb continue to gain strength, showing a major cultural shift in how we consume.  So if protesting isn’t really how you plan to spend Earth Day, take a minute to reflect on the endless giving of our Earth and give back in your own way, through your own movement.

Warmer weather, sunshine and longer days are perfect conditions for starting your own garden.  Grow your own apothecary, and while you’re at it, build in a produce section.  But you don’t need a backyard to grow your own plants. Starting a few planters on your windowsill will not only reward you with tasty herbs, but will also clean your air and brighten your living space,

Mother Earth is the best resource we have to healing and treating human conditions.  As health, wellness and fitness grow in popularity, especially amongst younger, generational icons whose primary platform is social media, the integration of holistic habits has shown to exceed beyond being “en vogue”.

With each pinned recipe, yoga pose or green juice instagram, tweet or vlog, we must remind ourselves that making, buying and using products that are healing, clean and harmonious with the earth make us feel good because nature’s wisdom is the best prescription.  What we must understand how nature’s positive effects and bounty are so vital to our individual wellbeing.

Homeopathic herbs and plants like lavender, aloe, peppermint, rooibos and sweet potato are examples of whole foods that are simple to integrate and multipurpose.  As you begin to learn what Mother Earth has to offer, you realize that you need little of anything else to really take care of yourself.   Our disconnection with the natural world is constantly revealing itself, but the work being done to rebuild our hardwired instinct to live in harmony with our planet’s natural systems is only growing in strength as a good habit.

No matter how you choose to celebrate on Earth Day, remember that your health starts with the health of Mother Nature.


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