O&N Collective Exclusive Tata Harper Holiday Beauty Survival Kit featuring Dr Sponge!‏ by Michelle Barge


The holidays are upon us and no sooner do the pumpkins hit the stoop, the frenzy regarding the upcoming holiday season begins.  Although it can be a fun and festive time, for many it is filled with a lot of activities; rushing and planning, lots of traveling and little sleep – all that can take a toll on our skin and stress levels.  Each holiday has its own particular stress:  Thanksgiving might be anchored with seeing a lot of family and distant relatives that you only see that one day a year (OMG, do I look my best?) not to mention the potential to overindulge with food and spirits.  This might be great at the kick-off of the season, but maybe not such a good look at the end.

Christmas and Hanukkah have their own challenges. In addition to what I mentioned during Thanksgiving, the added pressure to spend on gifts of giving, that stress alone can wreak havoc on the skin and the mind.

And then there’s New Year’s Eve, which can be a great time or an emotional one.  For me, living in New York City, the anticipation of New Year’s can almost be too much.  And by the time it comes around on the heels of Christmas, exhaustion can set in and there’s a low whispering in your ear sounding like the words “detox” and “yoga” please. But truly with the holidays, all we really want to do is look good, be stress free, get to our destinations with ease and wow everyone with our chilled out presence of good cheer.  Easier said than done?  Not this year!

O & N Collective has teamed up with the great Tata Harper and Dr. Sponge (more on the Doctor below) to provide you with the ultimate holiday beauty survival kit.  After experiencing the kit for this article, it should be called beauty, mind and soul survival kit.  As one who spends the holiday season traveling a lot, sharing bathrooms and different bunking quarters, not only does this kit solve the cosmetic/wellness/space dilemma but provides products that really will make you shine and calm those nerves.

Tata Harper Skincare is the perfect partner and products for this kit.  Her skincare products are made from 100% naturally-derived ingredients, minus all the things we don’t want in our skincare:  synthetics, perfume/colors, animal ingredients and testing; the products are non-toxic, and free of parabens, phthalates, PEGS, Propylene Glycol, and petrochemical by-products.  I list all these as her products are so clean and lovely and during the holidays you’re putting enough extras in your system.  And the aromatherapy components to her products are beyond imagine if you haven’t experienced.

The facial cleanser we chose is by Dr. Sponge.  What a unique treat this is!  I was blown away by the utter coolness of this product because of its efficacy and the problem solver of not having to take an actual container of cleanser with you on your travels.  I find that I can get all my extra beauty treatments in smaller containers, but always find myself needing that larger cleanser which throws off TSA regulations or I have to check luggage — so scary during holiday season … for us green, organic and natural beauty junkies this hits the mark! Dr. Sponge is made from food-grade konjac fiber and healthy additives such as green tea and bamboo charcoal.   Aloe vera was the cleanser of choice for this kit which is great for sensitive skin and the dryness we all inherently get with the cold weather, dry heat, and recycled airplane cabin air.  And if you’re lucky to be somewhere warm, aloe is gentle and soothing to sun exposed skin.  I really thought I could not have any pleasant surprises in the beauty world of this level, but trust me folks – I can travel this holiday season without my Clarisonic.  Let’s give a shout out to our dear friend Stancie Wilson, co-founder of Fig & Sage one of the leading green beauty & living resources on the web, who turned us on to his cool green cleanser.

If the pairing of Tata Harper and Dr. Sponge was not enough, the kit has been divided into products particular to each holiday. 


Ultimate Holiday Beauty Survival Kit (includes):

Dr Sponge Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser

.3oz (cleanses)

Tata Harper Skincare Aromatic Irritability Treatment

3ml (mind, body balance)

Tata Harper Skincare Aromatic Bedtime Treatment

3ml (mind, body balance)

Tata Harper Skincare Aromatic Stress Treatment

3ml (mind, body balance)

Tata Harper Skincare Resurfacing Mask

7.5ml (exfoliation/detoxifies)

Tata Harper Skincare Hydrating Floral Essence

15ml (toner + moisturizer in one)

Tata Harper Skincare Replenishing Nutrient Complex

3ml (multi-vitamin serum for the skin)

Each grouping within the kit consists of:


Thanksgiving Set:

Irritability Aromatherapy Treatment

Hydrating Floral Essence

Replenishing Nutrient Complex

Christmas/Hanukkah Set

Bedtime Aromatherapy Treatment

Hydrating Floral Essence

Resurfacing Mask Deluxe

New Year’s Set

Stress Aromatherapy Treatment

Hydrating Floral Essence

Replenishing Nutrient Complex

This kit comes pre-packaged and includes a beauty set per each Holiday along with (1) Dr Sponge for all three celebrations.

Dr Sponge can be used solely alone for a deep cleanse or in tandem with your cream cleanser for double the impact.

This kit is TSA approved and kits have been personally grouped by O&N Collective beauty editors for the most mind/body bliss specific for each holiday.

This kit retails for $120.00 and as a special holiday offering, O & N Collective will offer 15% off if you order more than one.  Just use the code HOLIDAY15 (case sensitive) at checkout.  Great housewarming gift and perfect for the natural beauty junkie on your list.

Be well, Liv well and Happy Holidays ~ Michelle



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