A smartphone app for green living & to help reduce your toxic body burden



It’s been exactly 1 month since sustainable beauty apothecary,  O&N Collective,  launched our very own app. You are probably wondering what the app could be possibly be about, right? Is it just another version of mobile shopping experience or chocked full of simple beauty tips?  Well, not exactly.  It’s an app that promotes sustainable living + a toxins list of ingredients that should be avoided which are found  in most conventional personal care & household products.

One of the key driving forces behind O&N Collective is the mission to help people reduce their toxic body burden.  Our way of going about this mission is:

*retailing some of the safest & effective organic\natural personal care products available today

* by educating people on the concerning ingredients  found in conventional beauty products

Research shows that the average woman uses approx. 12 different products containing 168 harmful ingredients on her skin daily. Men are exposed to at least 80 harmful ingredients through their personal care products, daily.  An extremely high percentage of these harmful ingredients are absorbed directly into the skin, our bodies largest organ,  and hence make their way into our bloodstream, tissues and organs.  These ingredients I’m speaking about are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptor’s and have been linked to reproductive issues and metabolic dysfunction.

More now than ever, we are exposed to toxins through:

* the products we use on our skin & within our homes

* our environment around us

* the food we eat

Through the app, our mission was to create a helpful tool that consistently promotes a “greener” lifestyle. With the app you’ll receive “push notifications” with sustainable tips for living plus we have an excellent “Resource” page listing some of the most resourceful websites out there today that give you the facts on living green and reducing your toxic load.

But the huge benefit to the app is that it provides a useful toxins list so that more people can become further aware of ingredients to avoid and what  concerns are linked to each.  To make better & healthier decisions we need the knowledge but we also need the ability to take action. Reading ingredient labels is one of the first steps to controlling what we feed our bodies, inside & out.  Next is knowing what to look for so we have the power to make safer decisions for ourselves and our families.


You can download the FREE O&N Collective app here by either using your phone and scanning  the corresponding QR code for the phone you own or simply searchingO&N Collective” in the ITunes Store.




Stay tuned for next week – I’ll be posting more on reducing your toxic body burden & natural remedies for detoxing the body!

Be well…be green & be gorgeous!

xo, Organic Contessa



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