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It’s been awhile since I last featured an ethical & eco-conscious fashion label, you may remember my post on dear friend and fellow eco-beauty; Natasha Gindin and her brand LAVUK. Well this week our “organic spotlight” is on a new company that has my heart all a flutter; Fed By Threads.

I first learned of FBT last year through After reading about them I immediately shared a “pin” on My Eco-Loving World Pinterest board as not to forget them and from that moment on this company stayed close in thought. I received a surprise gift in the mail from a friend which was a top by FBT – the perfect assemble for yoga. I simply had to have another piece, bought the Eco “Kiran” Scarf and with that decided to reach out to FBT’s owners;  Jade Bell & Alok Appadurai. Why exactly? A plethora of reasons really and they were as warm and beautiful as I had hoped!

I’ve been known over the years to not be shy about randomly ringing someone up or emailing a company whom I find interesting – people & businesses who are showing up big in the world. Their company and mission spoke to me on so many levels. FBT seemed like “my” type of people, the type of individuals I connect with; creating a business that serves others while providing products that promote real beauty, happiness and is steeped in ethics. Those that build a business around an enlightened energy in protecting people, animals, and our planet. And honestly, when I see others living their dream and giving back… I feel it’s my duty to reach out and say “BRAVO” “thanks for making such a difference”! Making a difference  is the life line that I want to continue to pass on through my work and through my companies, these values are the heartbeat of what I believe in so when I see it in others, I want to acknowledge it … the Universal Collective as I like to call it. 

Jade & Alok have created a company with spirit and a life force behind it that’s going to continue to grow stronger and stronger as they help to further evolve our understanding of how important ethical fashion is & our thinking of what it means to live in harmony & in peace … all the while, looking pretty damn amazing  in their clothing!

I’ll introduce you to them now!

A quiet moment outdoors after yoga & meditation w/ my Kiran scarf


OC: Who is Fed by Threads? (I always ask “who is” rather than “what is” because the soul and energy of a business always comes from its founders and employees (the people) and thus to me its the “who” that makes the brand)

FBT: Alok Appadurai, Jade Beall, and their baby Sequoia are the family behind the wheel at Fed By Threads! Alok has been involved with sustainability, education, the environment, and social entrepreneurship since he can remember. Jade is a passionate artist, professional photography, advocate for women, & community builder. Little baby Sequoia gives love to the world and anyone he comes in contact with. Together, they are the fuel behind Fed By Threads!

OC: What was your inspiration for launching an ethical fashion brand? And for those that aren’t 100% sure what ethical fashion is, can you explain it for us?

FBT: Fed By Threads was born from a letter from the Community Foodbank of Southern Arizona. One letter that changed our lives because it educated us about the devastating depth of the hunger epidemic in America and we vowed that our little family had to do something. It started with one rack of dance shirts in the window of our dance/yoga/photography studio here in Tucson where we would simply feed 12 meals to hungry Americans/per piece sold. It has since blossomed into an ethical clothing project unlike anything in the country! Ethical fashion attempts to reduce our carbon footprint, our impact on the earth, use sustainable materials like organic cotton, re-purposed wood pulp, recycled bottles and beyond, and in our case avoiding all animal harm so no leather, no feathers, no down, no silk, no wool. You’d be surprised how unnecessary animal suffering is to look stylish!

OC: How does FBT provide 12 meals to hungry Americans per item sold? Can you share with us the process?

FBT: We cover the costs of 4 emergency meals through the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and 8 emergency meals a piece through Feeding America, a nationwide network of 201 food banks.

OC: I read recently on your site that you just hit a milestone, tell us more!

FBT: We just crossed a major milestone: 41,866 meals for food-insecure Americans who are struggling to make ends meet! This is almost 42% towards our goal of 100,000 meals fed by the end of 2014!

OC: Most people understand the importance of buying organic when it comes to food and personal care products but why it is equally important when it comes to the clothes we buy?

FBT: Buying organic sustainable fabrics is important for many reasons! First of all, non-organic cotton production requires 25% of global pesticides sprayed. Those pesticides often filter into the soil and into ground water which is what we drink. Organic fabrics also do not get the post-production chemical finishing that most clothes receive which makes them wrinkle-free or other such gimmicks. Formaldehyde is commonly used which can cause skin rashes and beyond. Organic fabrics are often created in better work environments for laborers. There are many more reasons but this is a good place to start.

OC: Share with us which pieces are some of your top sellers.

FBT: The Hemp Drishti Dress, Organic Legalize Love t’s and tanks, The Eco Anjali Top & Organic Baby Onesies


OC: I want to circle around again to your incredible passion to feed hungry Americans. How many Americans go hungry every day? Share with us something we may not know that you get experience, being a company on the front lines.

FBT: Almost 51 Million Americans face food-insecurity including 17 Million American children. This is heart-breaking in the richest country in the world! At Fed By Threads, one of the most incredible insights we receive is our experience meeting the people who run the food banks across the country. They are heroes on the front-lines of hunger in America, working tirelessly every day. We tip our hats to Bill Carnegie at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and his team!

OC: What’s on the horizon for Fed by Threads? What does the future hold?

FBT: We are very excited to announce that we are on the verge of beginning small-scale production right here in Tucson! We currently have tailors in California and North Carolina  so adding Tucson tailors for truly local production is incredibly exciting. We will also be opening our wholesale section online which is another enormous step for us!

AMAZING!! Thank you Jade, Alok, Sequoia and the entire FBT team for your enormous contribution to our country and our planet. The future is so incredibly bright for you – because you are changing so many other’s future with your passion and dedication. The fashion industry will ever be the same.

In peace, In service and always in style… green love to you all! ~ Organic Contessa xo


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