‘Do you Shrink, Criticize or Celebrate?’ by Organic Contessa



I’ve been fortunate to have had many great role models in my life, both men & women.  This is something I have immense gratitude for. One quality that I have found to be somewhat unique after years of sharing with women I have crossed paths with, is that the most influential female relationships I have all surround themselves in celebration.  Women embracing and supporting each other. A poetic system of building each other up NOT tearing each other down. Thankfully the women I have looked up to the most in life, taught me the value of deep, authentic, genuine connections; “sisterhoods”. These powerful relationships have been incredibly important to me.

However listening to many women’s stories I find that more often than not, most desperately long to have relationships where they are positively fed emotionally, physically and spirituality..however something holds them back;

* they feel they simply can’t trust other women

* many feel as though disappointments in past relationships were too hurtful to try again

* often women find it hard to let their competitive edge down to allow them to be fully engaged in an authentic  friendship 

* they participate in the tearing down themselves or have multiple people in their lives that do that negative work for them

Unfortunately the reality is that more women engage in critical behavior than men.  And the true concern lies in that women use it against themselves and other women.  We are such innately loving & nurturing  beings…so why the hurdle? 

I once read that “One women’s success should foster another” and I believe this to my core. We see so much competitiveness, criticizing and women playing small just in light of another woman – usually because of the perceived success another women may be attracting into her life.  Life is too short to participate in feelings that can hold you back…and trust me, it holds “YOU” back not the person you have these feelings for. Love & success are available to us all, why not grant these invaluable life experiences to yourself and another?

Over the weekend I read this smart & inspiring article “Do you Shrink, Criticize or Celebrate? The Real Key to Success” by Nisha Moodley and I just had to share it with you.  It’s about “sisterhood” and that the power of celebration breeds happiness, success and an overall feeling of the collective.

“Next time you see another woman radiating, bask in her glow; let it remind you that you are made of the same stuff and that her glow is reflecting the glow inside you” ~ Nisha Moodley.

To learn more about Nisha, just click the image of her gorgeous, smiling photo below!


So let’s take some time today to be grateful for the women who inspire us most and celebrate the beauty & uniqueness that is in each of us. Thank you mom, my sisters, nieces, aunts, cousins, my beautiful friends, mentors, and colleagues.  You all have been my teachers and have helped mold me into the person I am today. Thank you for teaching me what real “sisterhood” is truly about.

Be the change. 

* I’m feeling the “celebration” vibe – stay tuned for my next post on the power of celebrating our successes in life.  More to come. *


xo ~ Organic Contessa


{Photo Credits: Miss Maven & Nisha Moodley}

2 Responses to “‘Do you Shrink, Criticize or Celebrate?’ by Organic Contessa”

  1. Anna
    August 27, 2012 at 5:40 pm #

    I recently learned a dear friend is battling cancer and the graciousness and humility she has shown all through this ordeal is so admirable. This post resonates about her and it really does make a difference to see a person filled with so much gratitude despite everything.

    • Organic Contessa
      August 27, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

      Hi Anna,

      Thank you so much for sharing, your comment touches my heart & soul. You’re friend is an absolute inspiration.

      I would like to direct you to O&N Collective; eco-beauty & wellness apothecary. There we have an amazing cancer resource guide called “When Cancer Hits”, it was named #1 guide in 2011 from Self Magazine. Here is the direct link : http://www.oandncollective.com/when-cancer-hits-author-britta-aragon/ where you can read and learn more about the book and it’s author, Britta Aragon, a cancer survivor. If this book speaks to you or your friend and you decide to purchase, please use coupon code: figandsage to receive 15% off.

      I usually only give recommendations when asked, but your story touched me and I know how much “When Cancer Hits” has meant to so many. It’s quite empowering.

      Peace and best wishes for a full recovery. We will keep your friend in our thoughts. Please stay in touch!

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